How the Garden Grows: Our Favorite Green Spaces

By JORDAN LUSINK, Communications Coordinator

We asked our 5th Avenue family to share their favorite green spaces around the Seattle area. We are lucky to live in a part of the country (and world) where there are a wealth of options in this particular category. Though we’re stuck in a rainy spring, we’re looking forward to the beautiful days ahead, when we can take a breath away from our busy lives and stressful events, with this round up of some of the green spaces that our fans love.

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Lola’s Seattle Adventure

The fabulous Lola of Kinky Boots fame came to visit Seattle recently to get better acquainted with the city before the entire cast rolls into town in April. (Lola wanted to add that she left the rest of them behind because drag queens have A LOT of luggage — Kinky Boots take up so much space — and she wanted to travel light.) Keep track of Lola’s adventures with the hashtag #SEAtheBoots !

Marketing with Lola
Rachel, Erin and Jordan with Lola on the windy Space Needle observation deck!

Rachel, Erin and Jordan of The 5th Avenue Marketing Team escorted Lola on her adventure of The Emerald City. (Though Lola thought we should think about renaming it “The Crimson City.”) She was a bit of a diva when it came to showing her face on camera, but she was such a doll to pose those boots for photos at some of Seattle’s favorite landmarks.

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