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Women in the Workplace: Just How Far Have We Come?

A woman running for president. A woman heading the Federal Reserve. Three women sitting on the Supreme Court. Women CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies. These are not positions that women held (or even thought possible) back in 1961, the year that Loesser and Burrows’ How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying took Broadway by

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How to Write a Satire By Being Really, Really Smart

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is a textbook example (if textbooks were hilariously funny) of the standard definition, and a sharp refutation of Kaufman’s gloomy prediction. But it’s understandable why Kaufman made his cynical joke. He was a writer and director, and satires usually appeal more to authors than to the public.

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Frank Loesser

FRANK LOESSER was a short, pugnacious tough guy who peppered his speech with New York street slang and carried himself like one of the lovable hoodlums from his own musical Guys and Dolls. Meeting him, you might assume he was a lower-class denizen of the outer boroughs, someone who had worked his way up the

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