6 Tried and True Tips for Bringing Kids to the Theatre

Is this your child’s  first time to the theater? Here are a few tips for an enjoyable experience for you and your whole family!


Week of the show

Tip 1: Start the conversation early
You are giving your child a great learning opportunity! Help them understand your expectations for their behavior in the theatre before the excitement sets in.


  • What do you think going to the theatre is like?
  • How is seeing a musical different from going to the movies?
  • What should we do when a song or dance is finished?
  • What does being respectful mean?

Act it out:

  • Can you show me what it looks like to sit in the theatre?
  • Show me what it look like to get out all of your giggles and energy before we get to our seats!
  • Pretend you have a question during the performance! What should you do?

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Educator’s Night at The 5th

Last season, our education programs served over 74,000 students throughout Washington State. On October 2, we hosted our first ever Educator’s Night. Because we know that educators are at the heart of student learning we wanted to celebrate the creativity, passion, and dedication they bring to their classrooms each day.

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Waterfall at Seattle’s Thai Festival

This past Saturday, The 5th Avenue Theatre was honored to be a sponsor of the 2015 Thai Festival. Hosted by the Thai Association of Washington, this cultural event featured live performances, arts and crafts, and a delicious variety of Thai food. Here are some photos from the day!

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