Tim Minchin Talks About the Value of Stories

The 5th Avenue Theatre believes that the arts are fundamental to a rich life and we want to be sure that young people have access to theatrical performances. When Matilda the Musical composer Tim Minchin visited Seattle recently, we asked him about why he thinks the arts are important for children. Hear what he says:


This is a topic near and dear to us at The 5th.  We serve more than 74,000 young people annually through our education programs.  In addition,  we offer thousands of free and discounted tickets to young people and families who otherwise would not be able to afford a show. Donations to The 5th help support these efforts.

Roald Dahl’s Interesting Life Rivaled His Beloved Stories

In 1940, a young British fighter pilot awoke in a war hospital. His plane had crashed in the North African desert. Somehow he crawled away from the burning wreckage, then lost consciousness. The last thing he remembered thinking was, “I’m dead,” but he was rescued and flown to safety.

His nose was smasRoald Dahl dramaturgy imagehed, almost severed, his skull was fractured, and his face swollen so badly he was blind. For two months he lay immobilized, sightless. He later came to believe that his brain injury somehow made him more creative and turned him into a writer.

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Herman Sarkowsky: Custodian of the Arts

Herman SarkowskyThis month, The 5th Avenue Theatre is celebrating the life of a great man—a pillar and patriarch of the Seattle community, a pioneer in Seattle sports, a philanthropist, and a patron of the arts: Herman Sarkowsky.

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