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We are the Believers: A New Works Program Transition

By Bill Berry, Producing Artistic Director At some point, every musical ever was simply this: an idea. Every musical began its journey as a few words on paper, poured from the hearts and souls of its creators with the support of a few critical individuals who believed in that story enough to help bring it

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NextFest: Day 1

By Erin Nieuwenhuis, Marketing & Communications Intern On Monday, February 19th, it was a chilly 33 degrees in downtown Seattle, but in the rehearsal space of the 5th Avenue Theatre, NextFest was just starting to warm up. A pot of coffee brewed as fuel for the long day ahead, actors were warming up their voices,

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Spotlight on Beatsville

Beatsville, written by Wendy Wilf and Glenn Slater, appeared in the 2008 NAMT Festival. The show is now preparing for its world premiere in a co-production with NAMT member The 5th Avenue Theatre and Asolo Rep Theatre. This month, we caught up with the writers to hear about the work they’ve done on the piece

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Fostering and Supporting New Works with NextFest

This past October, The 5th presented NextFest, its second annual Festival for New Works. Eleven new projects were introduced during the three week festival, at varying levels of evolution, from cold table reads and writing intensives to week-long workshops complete with writers, actors and creative members working together to revise and improve new musicals.

The 10-Minute Musical Project: THE RECAP!

By ORLANDO MORALES, Director of Rising Star Project and Internships This fall marked the premiere of the 10-Minute Musical Project, The 5th’s newest education initiative focused on empowering Washington state students (ages 14-19) and supporting their future achievement by introducing them to the process of writing, workshopping and presenting brand new musicals. This year involved

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NextFest Artist Spotlight – Greg Schaffert, Line Producer

What is your job in NextFest? Explain for us. I’m the line producer. Basically, I make sure the writers are happy and that they have what they need to do their work. I also work on dramaturgy and story structure with the writers, directors and 5th Ave team, and basically make sure everything keeps running

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NextFest Artist Spotlight – Christine Sumption, Dramaturg

Christine served as a dramaturg for the writing intensive of Stanford Story (working title) which was workshopped last week. What is a dramaturg’s job in the theater – in general? In the new play process, a dramaturg is like a midwife. I support the playwright through the process, provide historical context, consult on the development

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