Bill’s List — May 2020

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Grocery Store Employees and all the people who make it possible for us to live our lives right now. 

“These folks are going above and beyond and I am so grateful for the risk they are taking to ensure we can take care of ourselves, our families, and others in the community that we care about. Consider making a donation to your local food bank or an essential worker relief fund that goes to support the individuals who are showing up to work to 1) support us, but more importantly, because they need to in order to support their own livelihood.”

Bill’s Perfect Sweet Potato Recipe

Image via Epicurious

“I have been eating sweet potatoes nonstop lately. I cut them down the middle, rub a light coat of olive oil all over, sprinkle with salt, and then put the cut side down on parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake them at 350 for about an hour and them become brown caramel sweetness. It is almost weird how delicious I’ve decided they are—they are just pure comfort, not to mention they will make your entire home smell amazing while they’re baking.”

Follow Bill’s easy recipe above, or check out this similar option via Epicurious (pictured above).

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

“This book is an incredible thriller! I was totally engrossed and read it in 24 hours. I needed to find out what happened next and couldn’t put it down.” 

Daily Walks

“I’ve been going for walks, as has everyone lately. I have been really enjoying the smell of lilac trees; I tend to stop and breathe the smell in. They remind me of Wisconsin, where we had a lilac tree in my backyard tree growing up.” 

May Kitchen + Bar on Vashon Island

“May is probably the best Thai food in all of King County, in my opinion! I think the owner used to have a location in Seattle that she closed and reopened on Vashon Island. It’s delicious and they are doing takeout right now. You know how you order crispy spring rolls when you’re at a restaurant and bite into them and you burn your mouth? It turns out that when you order them for takeout, you can eat them right away and not burn your mouth because they’ve had some cool-down time while in transit!” 

If you live on Vashon Island, click here to place an order online for pickup. If you live elsewhere, consider adding May Kitchen + Bar to your list of restaurants to try once they are back up and running normally.

We’ll see you next month for the next round of Bill’s List!

Compiled by and as told to Rachel Liuzzi, Public Relations Manager.

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