Bill’s List — February 2020

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Our favorite not-influencer (but totally an influencer) Bill Berry is back with another list of things he’s been totally obsessing over this month. You already know that he LOVES food and LOVES all things sci-fi, the latter of which UNsurprisingly appears in this month’s roundup!

Conversation hearts

“I wait all year to eat conversation heart candies. I may or may not buy a whole bunch of them just to sit and eat by myself. The best gift I’ve ever received was for the opening of First Date on Broadway—it was a giant beer stein filled with them that I ate in about 24 hours.”

Timothée Chalamet and Billy Porter’s 2020 Oscar looks

“I am very into Timothée and Billy’s Oscar looks because they’re two completely different ends of the spectrum. Timothée’s outfit is really fun and I love how polished it is and Billy’s is so fabulous and flamboyant. It’s amazing how they expressed their own aesthetic truths with fashion.”

We stan Timothée and Billy!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries books

“I’ve been reading this series by Kerry Greenwood. They take place between World War I and World War II, there is a jazzy sensibility to them that reflects the period they’re set in. Miss Fisher is an unconventional woman of the era who perfectly embodies the free spirited jazz age vibe. I watched the TV show first, I’ve now made my way to the books. They are making a movie that comes out next month!”

Legion (FX)

“Dan Stevens is amazing. I love the alternate reality of the world of the show. The imagery is really visually stimulating, the 60s influences are really inspiring. Highly stylized things are always more exciting and engaging for me to watch. Legion has a unique visual aesthetic that is at times of our current world but also feels distant… which is cool because it’s meant to be set today.”


“I am completely obsessed with kumquats. I love that they are like a natural sweet tart candy. You can eat the whole thing in one swoop. The rind is bitter but you get a sweet and tangy hit of flavor at the same time. They are perfect!”

We’ll see you next month for the next round of Bill’s picks!

Compiled by/as told to Rachel Liuzzi, Public Relations Manager

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