Bill’s List — January 2020

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It’s the first Bill’s List of the new decade! Our favorite not-influencer (but totally an influencer) is back with another list of things he’s been totally obsessing over this month.

The Four Princesses of Bliss

“I don’t know how they are doing what they are doing—Gizel, Kristolyn, Claire, and Katy are delivering some of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen. Every time I’m in rehearsal I’m completely blown away by them.”

Bliss, which is the 23rd new musical produced by The 5th, is about four wildly distinctive royal sisters who sneak out of their castle and discover an intoxicating world of fancy balls and dreamy princes—and a burning desire to be at the center of it all. Get your tickets today for this soon-to-be-hit, which starts performances on February 1!

The Crispy Cheese and Potato Tacos at Mezcaleria Oaxaca in Capitol Hill

“These tacos are SO GOOD. It’s pure cheesy, potato-y goodness. I really don’t need to say anything else.”

Knives Out

“If you’re following these lists closely, you’ve likely picked up on the fact that I am completely obsessed with murder mysteries. I still haven’t seen it, which is maybe cheating for the purpose of this, but I cannot wait to see Knives Out. It seems right up my alley and therefore give it my pre-endorsement.”

(It’s okay, Bill, we’ll let this one slide!)


“I have been loving Flipboard, a news-ish aggregator app. There is a randomness that is really fun about it. I have come across things that I would never have found otherwise. You get hard news, articles, and other content that you are interested in on a more general level, which you get by adding and selecting topics that interest you.”

The New Season of Dr. Who

“I am obsessed with all things Dr. Who and Dr. Who-related. All of the spin-offs are included in this obsession, I just can’t get enough of it. I have been waiting for FOREVER for this new season and I am so glad that it’s finally back.”

We’ll see you next month for the next round of Bill’s picks!

Compiled by/as told to Rachel Liuzzi, Public Relations Manager

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