The Royals of Minisculia are visiting Seattle

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Faye, Holly, Carmella, and Piper, the four royal sisters from the Kingdom of Minisculia, are on their way to Seattle where their electrifying and empowering story will be told onstage in the world premiere musical called Bliss, playing at The 5th Avenue Theatre February 1 – 23. We connected with each of the princesses to find out what each is most excited to do once they get to the Pacific Northwest.

Princess Faye

The first and eldest Princess of Minisculia, Princess Faye is a thrill seeker and dragon slayer who is fiercely protective of her younger sisters. Here are the places she’s planning to visit…

  1. iFly in Tukwila: The brilliant sensation of flying and falling, all at the same time.
  2. Blade & Timber on Capitol Hill: Axe-throwing and alcohol. What could go wrong?
  3. Ziplining with Canopy Tours on Camano Island: Taking a leap and discovering an entirely new world is a familiar adventure for me.
  4. Seven Swords Academy in Tacoma: It’s important to keep your skills fresh.
  5. School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle: The ultimate leap of faith. Swinging on the trapeze and trusting that someone will be there to catch you.

Princess Holly

The second Princess of Minisculia, Princess Holly finds that she has an easier time connecting with animals than she does most people. That doesn’t stop her from letting her buoyant spirit lift her sisters, no matter the circumstances. Here are the places she’s planning to visit…

  1. Seattle Aquarium on the Seattle Waterfront: They let you get in the tanks with the animals, right?
  2. Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle: They think I’m just going to feed the giraffes. Vive la revolution!
  3. Goat Yoga Classes at the Wobbly Ranch in Everett: These are my people!
  4. Home Depot in Seattle: Their selection of tools is unrivaled and it’s important to be well-prepared for any situation.
  5. Unicorn & Narwahl on Capitol Hill: Seems like a great place to meet some like-minded unicorns and eat a corn dog.

Princess Carmella

The third Princess of Minisculia, Princess Carmella represents the intersection of talent, charisma, and fearlessness that turns divas into icons. Here’s what Princess Carmella is planning to visit:

  1. Stand onstage at The 5th Avenue Theatre: The only stage worthy of a diva like me.
  2. Chihuly Garden & Glass at Seattle Center: So beautiful. And trust me when I tell you, I get beauty.
  3. Pink Door in Downtown Seattle: Anything that stars with a fabulously pink door has got to lead the way to something unforgettable… like me.
  4. Karaoke at Hula Hula in Seattle: The first place I’ll be going to make new friends and fans!
  5. Lost Lake Cafe on Capitol Hill: With me, the party never stops. So a 24-hour cafe is the perfect place to go after everything else closes.

Princess Piper

The fourth and youngest Princess of Minisculia, Princess Piper is devoted to her studies, has a profound sense of right and wrong, and gets a thrill from the sense of completion she finds in perfect square numbers (1… 4… 9… 16… 25… and so on). Here’s what Princess Piper is planning to visit:

  1. Campus Tour at the University of Washington: I am far above grade level in all core subjects. I think I have a shot at getting in!
  2. The Willard Smith Planetarium at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle: An immersive tour of our solar system? Yes, please!
  3. Sit in on a City Council Meeting at City Hall: Getting thrilling first-hand experience of leadership in action.
  4. The Skyview Observatory, Columbia Tower in Downtown Seattle: The highest point in Seattle, and therefore the best place from which to view the stars.
  5. Seattle Public Library’s Central Library in Downtown Seattle: I mean, have you seen it? And it holds how many books??

The Royal Princess of Minisculia are the characters of the world premiere musical, Bliss, playing at The 5th Avenue Theatre February 1 – 23. Click here for tickets and more information.

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