Bill’s List — November 2019

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Happy almost holiday season! Our very own Producing Artistic Director is back to share the exciting things in Seattle and beyond that he’s been obsessing over. This month is very important because Bill needs YOUR help! Read on to learn how you can help influence our very own tastemaker.

Come Hell or Highball by Maia Chance

“I’m obsessed with mysteries. Maia is a Vashon Island-based writer and I couldn’t put her book down.”

The Inheritance

Samuel H. Levine, Kyle Soller, Kyle Harris, Arturo Luís Soria, Jordan Barbour, and Darryl Gene Daughtry Jr. in The Inheritance (Credit: Matthew Murphy)

“This play is six and a half hours long and is worth every second—it doesn’t even feel that long, that’s how incredible it is. The story is really, really beautiful and the acting is amazing. I love that it articulates how every generation stands on the shoulders of the one before. 10/10 would recommend, go see it if you can!”

Tickets to The Inheritance on Broadway can be purchased here.

The Hallmark Channel’s Holiday Movies

“I am SUPER excited that the Hallmark Channel is about to start playing its holiday movies. I cannot WAIT to see them. They are completely inane and I know they aren’t good but I love them… this is not a lie, I do actually watch them!”

Here’s bonus (and related) Bill Berry-recommended content:

Episodes, Netflix

Need a new TV show to binge? Then look no further than this Bill Berry-approved show, that he is only half bineg-ing becuse he wants to savor it.

“I could say a lot of things about Episodes, but what I love the most is how perfect Matt LeBlanc is. He plays himself and the madness of the plot is unbelievable. It’s a fantastic spoof of Hollywood, actors, and creative people and I’m sad that I have so few episodes left to watch.”

The Hunt for the Perfect Yule Log Recipe

“I am knee-deep in scouring the internet for a yule log recipe. I want to find an interesting kind, not just a traditional one. Eggnog, maybe? I’ve never made this kind of dessert before and I am completely invested in finding the perfect recipe.”

Do YOU have a perfect, non-traditional yule log recipe that you can recommend to Bill? Leave your suggestions and tips in the comments, please! 🎅

We’ll see you next month for the next round of Bill’s picks!

Compiled by/as told to Rachel Liuzzi, Public Relations Manager

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