Bill’s List — October 2019

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Bill Berry is BACK with the second installment of Bill’s List! Our very own Producing Artistic Director is the ultimate tastemaker who eats/sees/does all sorts of exciting things in Seattle and beyond. Wondering what happened with the new doughnut shop he mentioned last month? Curious about what else has been on his mind? Look no further…

Mustard Seed Cafe

A sort of not-so-secret but still secret lunch location in Downtown Seattle is Mustard Seed Cafe, a place that “you go when you don’t want to talk to anyone but you still know that you’re going to be seen by people you know. It’s like a fake incognito-mode spot.”

Bill’s #1 reccomendation is the veggie stir fry with brown rice, a close second is the burger and fries. “Don’t judge, it’s tasty!”

The Pineapple Fritter from Half and Half Doughnut Co.

In the inaugural installment of this list, Bill was eagerly awaiting the opening of Half and Half Doughnut Co., a new sweet spot down the street from his Capitol Hill home. Now open and several Bill-approved taste tests later, he can confirm that the Pineapple Fritter is the must-eat treat they produce.

“It’s like an apple fritter but with pineapple. Why someone didn’t think of this sooner I don’t understand. It’s a food experience you didn’t know you needed. I think they are roasting or caramelizing the pineapple… it is INCREDIBLE.”

Paul Alexander Nolan and Teyonah Parris (Joan Marcus)

Slave Play

Slave Play is really amazing theater that must be seen. It’s very powerful, thought-provoking drama. It leaves you thinking about it for days. I will not tell you anything about it—just go see it. It’s hard, funny, it’s upsetting. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it a couple of weeks ago.”

Tickets to Slave Play on Broadway can be purchased here.

The New Rainier Square Tower

“I am very into the new Rainier Square Tower that is currently in construction across the street from The 5th. I love the interplay of its architecture with the Rainier Tower that’s right next to it. When I look up at it now that it’s being built, it’s really interesting to compare the architecture of the two buildings. And a bonus: you can see the reflection of our own building in the windows from our main hallway!”

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge is the Kenyan runner who recently broke the record for running a marathon in under two hours: “I am obsessed with Eliud because I can’t finish a marathon in under four hours and 20 minutes. It’s so amazing that someone can do it in that time. I couldn’t run one mile at the pace he did, and that anyone can do it and what the body is capable of is inspiring and remarkable.”

We’ll see you next month for the next round of Bill’s picks!

Compiled by/as told to Rachel Liuzzi, Public Relations Manager

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