We Won a Major Award!

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The 5th Avenue Theatre was recently recognized with the Harborstone Recreational Award at the Northwest Access Awards, presented by Northwest Access Fund. We were humbled to receive this honor in recognition of the work we did with the Deaf community on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, both onstage and off.

This recognition means so much to our organization. We are grateful to Echo Greenlee at Deaffriendly and Roland Carette-Meyers for nominating us for this award. Many thanks, also, to Deaf Spotlight for their longtime partnership and increased collaboration this past season.

At its heart, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, is a story about compassion and justice for those who are pushed to the edges of our society. When we were presented with the opportunity to bring Glen Casale’s vision for the production to our stage, we were excited and inspired. This production encouraged us to invite our audiences, students, and staff to rethink our understanding of musical theater. We asked, “How can musical theater be an art form for all people?” – and, “How is music more than just sound?”

In conjunction with this production, were proud to welcome our first Deaf and Hard of Hearing students into our Rising Star Project youth development program for teens. We were equally proud to see staff from every department take time to attend ASL classes and to witness an awareness and interest in Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture spread throughout our organization.

At The 5th Avenue Theater, our mission is to nurture, advance and preserve all aspects of America’s great original art form: the musical.  We strive to spread the joy of musicals to everyone in our community. As we move forward, we continue to seek ways in which to be a national model for programs that broaden access to our nation’s musical theater heritage. Our goal is to grow an ever larger, more inclusive audience and tell stories which celebrate the diversity of our community by expanding access and dissolving barriers of income and ability.

This award recognizes the efforts of many people in the community coming together to create something memorable. Thank you, Northwest Access Fund, for this encouraging award—and for the inspiring impact your organization has on our region.

These efforts would not have been possible without the generous donations of our 5th Avenue Theatre family. Please consider a gift today to help us continue to break barriers for children, families, and theater goers around our state.

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