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At The 5th Avenue Theatre, the oohs and ahs begin even before the curtain rises. For the hundreds of thousands who join us at The 5th each season, the ornate beauty and Broadway scale of the theater add to the magic carpet ride—that transporting thrill of being swept away from the everyday.

But it’s hard to be swept away when all you can think about is how thirsty you are, or how badly you need to find a restroom. So we surveyed the guest services teams and put together some of our top tips for all of the first-timers at The 5th!

Let Us Help!
Isabel Dickey-Thomas | Ticketing Manager

First and foremost, we are here to help you and happy to help you! If you have any needs, confusion, frustration, or questions of any kind, we want to do everything we can to make sure you have an amazing experience at your performance.

If you have questions before you come, you can call our guest services department at 206.625.1900. (Most of our subscribers have a personal subscription manager so you can search your inbox for previous messages if you want to reach out to someone directly.) Once you’re at the theater, look for our ushers in the lobby (dressed in either all black or black and white with 5th Avenue Theatre nametags).

We are all here to ensure that you have the best possible experience each time you come to The 5th. Don’t be a stranger!

The Bathrooms
Martha McKee | Patron Experience Assistant

One of the most important pieces of info you can possibly know when you go to the theater (other than what time the performance starts) is where the bathroom is located. We have three women’s and two men’s restrooms in the lobby. Deceptively, the quickest ones are the ones with the longest lines, located in the upper level above the main entrance to the lobby. Don’t worry. With many stalls and an usher managing traffic, you’ll be through in no time. Aim for these restrooms if you’re in a hurry! The second fastest women’s room is one you might not even know is there—down the stairs in the southeast corner beyond the bar.

Restrooms with accessible stalls are located on the lower level, with the women’s accessible restroom immediately to your right as you enter the lobby, and the men’s accessible on the right just past the far concessions stand.  If you are seated in the mezzanine and have restricted mobility, or if you just want a little more privacy, check in with an usher for access to a separate accessible restroom on the third floor of the Skinner Building.

Accessible Entrances
Madyson Ellars | Assistant Manager – Guest Services

Our theater was constructed in 1926—and accessibility for those with mobility issues was unfortunately not top of mind for the architects of the day. But don’t worry! If you are visiting our theater with a wheelchair or walker, or if you simply want to avoid stairs, we can easily get you to your seats.

If your seats are on the orchestra level, you can enter through the main doors under our big, sparkly marquee. For seats in the mezzanine level, the best way to avoid stairs is by entering through the glass-and-brass doors of the Skinner Building lobby, just down the sidewalk towards Union Street. One of our fabulous ushers is always stationed there and can escort you up the elevators to the mezzanine.

(And, a pro tip! If you have a fragrance allergy and want to avoid a lobby full of perfumed guests, you can also enter the Theatre through the Skinner lobby. Asthma flare up averted!)

The 5th Avenue Theatre Souvenir Cups
Fathiya Ritter | Guest Services Associate

For the longest time, live theater has never allowed open beverages during the show. Growing up going to shows, I found this strange because the best part of going to a movie is getting popcorn and a soda!

When I found out that The 5th Avenue Theatre had special sippy cups (they really are sippy cups—it’s amazing) that you could take into the theatre, I was ecstatic! You can purchase them at any of the bars in the lobby (two on the lower level, one on the upper level). A bonus of owning one of these souvenir cups is that when you attend your next show at The 5th, you can bring it with you and reuse it for no additional charge (just remember to wash it first)! There are two different sizes too, so you don’t have to worry about it not being versatile when you want a double or a beer.

I actually still have my souvenir cups from Holiday Inn! I mean, we call them “Souvenir” cups for a reason! Everyone wants to remember how special their trip to the theater is, and a great way to do that is to get a souvenir, even if it’s just something to hold your drink.

How to Use Your Subscriber ID Card
Nick Spencer | Guest Services Associate

Okay, sorry everyone, but this is a tip for the subscribers in the audience!

Anytime I go out for a show, I like to plan out all the details, dinner included. We’re lucky to have great partner restaurants right near the theater downtown, and our subscribers can enjoy a nice discount before or after the show! Just be sure to carry your subscriber ID card and present it to your server.

But that’s not all your subscriber ID card is good for. You can also present in the theater lobby to take advantage of your additional subscriber benefits: $1 off beer, wine, and liquor in our lobby, as well as 10% off of items from our new merchandise boutique!

I Just Realized I Can’t Make My Performance
Amanda Green |Guest Services Associate

Trust me, I know how it goes. Life gets crazy and sometimes plans that made sense a month ago are suddenly more complicated than you realized. While we don’t offer refunds, we CAN help you exchange your tickets to a different performance.

As a heads up, the cost of tickets varies from performance to performance, and your same seats might not be available at another show. So there MIGHT be a cost to upgrade your seats, depending on the situation. Also, please note that while we can exchange the date of your show, it does have to be for the same show title. 

If you are not a subscriber, you can visit our box office under the marquee at 5th and University, OR you can call our guest services department at 206.625.1900 and we can help you over the phone. In line with our peers in the city, there are fees for non-subscribers to exchange their seats—$10.25 per ticket in person or $20 per ticket over the phone.

That said…

Subscribers, you have the great perk of being able to exchange your tickets for another performance date if you are unable to attend WITHOUT paying exchange fees (upgrade fees may still apply, dependent on section and day of the week). Since we don’t want you to miss out on any shows, here are a few tips for a simple exchange.

  1. The single digit CHK# on each ticket is required to process an exchange, so make sure to have them in hand.
  2. Log into your 5th Avenue Theatre account, call us at 206-625-1900, or visit us at the Box Office window.
  3. Exchanges should be made no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled performance.
  4. Directions for online exchanges can be found here:

We look forward to seeing you at The 5th!


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