PERK ALERT: How to Use Your Subscriber Parking Vouchers

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by Madyson Ellars, Guest Services Assistant Manager, Box Office

Greetings to all our 5th Avenue Theatre subscribers! When you subscribe to The 5th, you’re part of the family. You’ll get the best seats at the best prices, not to mention a host of other benefits, including discounts at area restaurants, discounts on concessions and merchandise in our lobby, and of course, discounted parking!

We wanted to take the time to walk you through using your parking vouchers at any of our four partner garages. 1819 Ticketing Map Resized





Washington Athletic Club Parking (WAC Parking)
1409 6th Avenue (6th & Union)

The Washington Athletic Club parking garage is located just one block away from the theatre and is consistently staffed with an attendant on site. Please Note: this garage is NOT on the same block as the Washington Athletic Club itself. Continue one block beyond the WAC as you drive down 6th Avenue and look for the “Washington Athletic Club Parking” sign on the left.

WAC 1_Resized
Washington Athletic Club parking garage entrance on 6th Ave between Union & Pike St.

Take a parking ticket as you enter the garage and keep it with you during the show. Do not leave it in your car. After the show, proceed to the pay station attendant before returning to your vehicle and provide the attendant with your garage parking ticket and your 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher. The attendant will return your “paid” WAC parking ticket, which you will use to exit the garage.

WAC 2_Resized
Attendant desk at WAC parking. Give your parking ticket and 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher to attendant before returning to your vehicle.

LAZ 6th Avenue Garage
1301 6th Avenue (6th & University)

Formerly known as The Hilton Parking Garage, LAZ 6th Avenue Garage has accessible parking stalls and is the closest garage to The 5th Avenue Theatre. It is also the most frequently used garage. Wait times may be a bit longer for the elevators and when you exit.

LAZ 1_Resized
LAZ 6th Avenue Garage (formerly known as The Hilton Garage) entrance on 6th Ave & University St.

Take a parking ticket as you enter the theatre. Do not select any option that requests a credit card number. Be sure to keep your parking ticket in a secure location during the duration of your evening or afternoon at the Theatre.


Choose “6th Avenue” to exit the garage at street level. Take a right around the corner and follow the sidewalk to avoid all stairs. This route is fully accessible and is the shortest distance to travel.

Choose “Concourse & Convention Center” to exit at the underground pedestrian concourse. Follow the posted signs for The 5th Avenue Theatre. You will be required to climb some fairly steep stairs that lead up to the main Theatre entrance and the Producers Club Lounge.

Alternate accessible accommodations from the pedestrian concourse are available, but guests will need to be escorted by an usher from The 5th, and distance traveled will be further overall. Please speak to the usher in the pedestrian concourse for accommodation. If you do not see one of our ushers at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Theatre, please call coat check at 206.625.1294. Ushers can escort guests back to the elevators for access to the parking garage following their performance.

To exit the garage, follow exit signs for I-5 North or I-5 South.

At the exit, swipe or scan the parking ticket you received when entering, then scan the barcode on the back of your 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher. Be sure to discard your used 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher, as each barcode is only valid for one use.

LAZ 8_Resized
Exit pay kiosk within 6th Ave Garage.

Union Square (One & Two) 
600 University Street (7th & Union)

Union Square garage is the closest subscriber garage for our annual co-production with ACT Theatre. This garage is easily accessed when exiting I-5 North or I-5 South.

From I-5 South, take exit 165B for Union Street. At the first intersection, take a left on 7th Ave (pictured below). The entrance to the garage will be on your right.

UNION 1_Resized
Union Square Parking Garage entrance from Union Street and 7th Avenue.

From I-5 North, take exit 165 for Seneca Street. As you drive down 6th Avenue, stay in the center lane to take a right turn on University Street. Be careful to stay to the left of the divider on University Street, and follow the road to access the parking garage entrance on your left.


At the Union Square Parking Garage entrance, take a parking ticket from the kiosk. Be sure to keep this parking ticket in a secure location during the duration of your evening or afternoon at the Theatre.

Use left lane, marked “Visitor / Monthly Exit” to exit the garage. Hand your Union Square parking ticket and 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher to the attendant to exit.

City Centre
1420 5th Avenue (Union & 6th)

City Centre (also known as U.S. Bank Centre) has accessible parking stalls, multiple elevators, electric charging stations, and is the home of one of The 5th’s restaurant partners, Palomino (located on the 3rd Floor). It is a one-block partially-covered walk to the Theatre. Parking stalls at City Centre are a bit more narrow than the other garages.

Scan the barcode on the back of your parking voucher at the entrance scanner machine that says “Did you prepay or purchase your parking online?” You will also see The 5th Avenue Theatre logo on the sign. This will raise the arm on the turnstile and you may proceed into the garage. Do not take one of the garage tickets. When you exit the garage after your performance, scan the same bar code to exit. Be sure to discard the used parking voucher as each barcode is only valid for one use.

Please Note: Your parking voucher will not work prior to 5pm on weekdays.

CITY 1_Reduced
City Centre Parking Garage entrance from Union Street, between 5th & 6th Avenue.



CITY 4_Resized
Once you pass through the gate, turn left for parking. Do not continue forward—you will be forced to exit the garage and your one-time parking voucher will no longer be valid for garage re-entry. The 5th Avenue Theatre is unable to offer refunds for incorrectly used parking vouchers.

After your evening or afternoon at the Theatre, you will use the same 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher to exit the garage.

CITY 5_Resized
Choose either lane 1 or lane 2 to exit. Do not choose lane 3, as that exit is only equipped for monthly parking pass holders.
CITY 6_Resized
To exit, scan the barcode on the back of your 5th Avenue Theatre parking voucher using the circular scanner to the right of the kiosk. Remember, it has to be the same voucher you used for entry.

Vouchers for free parking are issued when season tickets are mailed. One parking voucher is issued for every two season tickets. Guests who ordered smaller packages had the option to purchase discounted parking at the time of their subscription order. Parking vouchers are not sold after the subscription package has been ordered and are not sold for individual shows. Vouchers are valid after 5:00pm on weekdays and any time on weekends and cover a maximum of five hours, beginning when you enter the garage. Please keep your vouchers in a safe place. We are unable to offer a replacement if vouchers are lost, stolen, or forgotten. Exchanges, refunds or transfers are not permitted.







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