The Who’s Who of Ride the Cyclone: Lillian Castillo as Constance

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Meet Lillian Castillo, one of the stars of a wild ride of a musical: Ride the Cyclone. At 8:17 PM, the Saint Cassian High School Chamber Choir will board the Cyclone roller coaster. At 8:19, the front axle will break, sending them to their tragic demise. Trapped in fantastical carnival-like purgatory, the recently deceased teens discover a mechanical fortune teller, who invites them to tell their stories of life interrupted, with the promise of a prize like no other.

This show has been through a few years of continued development, starting in Canada with Atomic Vaudeville before debuting in the US in Chicago and playing Off Broadway. Now the show continues to develop in Seattle. When/where did you join this show’s journey? What has your experience been like so far?

Lillian Castillo: I joined the Cyclone journey when they started the workshops in Chicago.  I’ll admit that when I booked that first workshop and read the play, I was so confused.  I wasn’t sure what I was reading.  But I knew Rachel Rockwell, and I knew that she wouldn’t take on a project unless she thought it was special.  And thank God I did because when I heard it out loud for the first time I fell in love.  I almost hate to say it, but this show has been one of the greatest roller coaster rides of my life.

Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

LC: Constance is a sweet people pleaser, a dedicated cohort, a super nice girl that no one notices.  But she wants to be so much more.

In what ways do you identify with your character?

LC: I definitely have some of those people-pleasing tendencies.  The difference is that I think Constance does it because she feels like she has no choice where I choose to please people because I love them.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

LC: The biggest challenge about this role is Constance’s secret shames… I don’t want to say more because it will give things away. She is a girl with some weights on her heart.

What are you enjoying most about being in Ride the Cyclone?

LC: What I enjoy the most about this show are the twists and turns.  I feel like you probably know where we are headed fairly early on but there is no way you can anticipate how we will get there.  The ride of the show is so darn fun. Every moment is fully unexpected and ridiculously funny.

This musical is brand new to Seattle so most people probably know very little about it. What’s one thing you think audiences should know before the house lights go down?

LC: I think audiences should know that this thing will be super weird and you should just allow yourself to go with it.  Give in to the show.  Let yourself take the ride.

Without giving anything away, can you share your favorite line of dialogue?

LC: My very favorite line would give something away so I will go with my number two.
Ocean:  “So is everyone’s song going to have profanity in the chorus?”

Micsha:  “My song will only have profanity in the chorus.”

You can see Lillian and the rest of the incredible cast of Ride The Cyclone at the ACT Theatre now through May 20th. Get your tickets here.

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