Volunteer Spotlight: Quinlyann Jackins

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When did you start volunteering at The 5th?Quinlyann Jackins

I began ushering with STG at the Paramount in 2012 and had some ushering assignments at The 5th. Then The 5th began their own ushering program and I opted to continue at both STG and The 5th. I responded to requests for volunteers for renewals or mailings, etc in the front office and then began volunteering in the front office at The 5th in 2016 whenever I could fit it in my calendar.

Why do you love musical theater?

I love music and I really appreciate seeing the talent and creativity displayed in live performances. My husband and I are subscribers to The 5th so I don’t volunteer to see the shows- it’s a bonus that I get to see them again!  My daughter and I have a yearly trip to Broadway to see new musicals.

What makes coming to The 5th special?

The Theatre itself is beautiful and it’s nice to enjoy a “date night” downtown! I like that there is usually a mix of the standard and new musicals.

What’s your favorite memory here?

When ushering, I enjoy talking with patrons before the house opens, helping them feel welcome as well as sharing their excitement to see the show. I especially like when thanking them for coming, they respond with “Thank YOU!” and comments about how much they loved the performance!

Where are you from?

I have been living in the north end of Seattle since 2005, when I moved here from the Bay Area (CA).

What do you do outside of volunteering here?

I travel fairly often to the East Coast (Boston area) for grandchildren and south to the Bay Area to care for my mother. When I am in town, I volunteer in the STS (Seniors Training Seniors) program through the Seattle Mayors Office for Senior Citizens.  As a former math teacher who used quite a bit of technology, I now help people learn to use their Mac computers, iPads and iPhones at the Greenwood Senior Center. And bake cookies or work special dinners when they have various events.




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