Thank You for the Music: Part 1

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No other art form has the full-on, visceral power to sweep audiences up and away like a great musical does. And from the page to the stage, no one creates that magical journey like The 5th Avenue Theatre. We bring passion and sensitivity to every musical we create. With big talent. Productions that move you. And did we mention dazzle? We’re proud that our musicals go on to wow audiences and win accolades around the world—including Broadway. And we’re proudest of all to play a lead role in Seattle’s performing arts scene.

We want you to introduce you to some of the fabulous members of The 5th Avenue Theatre’s music team. They all fill very important roles that are vital to the final product you see on our stage when you come to our productions.

R.J. Tancioco, Mamma Mia’s Music Director, Conductor, and Keyboard 1 in the band.

Paul Hansen a member of The 5th Avenue Theatre orchestra on percussion.

Dane Anderson is The 5th Avenue Theatre Music Coordinator.

We are so grateful to the wonderful musicians we are so fortunate to work with every day. They are simply one more reason that Seattle has one of the most incredibly rich cultural landscapes in the country. We are honored to give our community a front row seat to their work.

Mamma Miaplays through February 25 and tickets are selling fast. Get yours today!

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