If You Love The 5th, Vote YES on Prop 1. Access for All!

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If you are a resident of King County, in just a few weeks you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to significantly enhance the impact, reach and stability of every one of our region’s remarkable Arts, Science and Heritage organizations including The 5th Avenue Theatre.

By voting YES on Prop 1, you will expand access to arts, science and heritage education for every student in King County, and provide unprecedented access for underserved members of our community.

Over the past decade, public funding for arts, science and heritage programs in our state has been cut in half, despite the fact that every research study demonstrates that exposure to arts and cultural experiences dramatically improves a child’s educational success. The kind of access to arts and culture that many of us experienced and benefited from during our own school years is not happening today.

As public school budgets have been slashed, non-profit organizations have stepped in to provide these important formative educational experiences to our children. It is nearly impossible, however, for non-profit organizations like The 5th to adequately fill this gap without additional funding sources.

Prop 1 will provide stable, dedicated resources to serve children and our community more fully and consistently. Prop 1 will provide the needed funding to bring life-changing arts, science and cultural programs into our schools, as well as funding for schools to offer kids the opportunity to attend our world-class theaters, museums, science institutions and concert halls for free.

Prop 1 will also provide funding so that arts, science and heritage organizations can offer free or reduced-price admissions to the members of our community who are on fixed budgets including seniors, students and low-income and middle class families.

What will this mean for The 5th? Prop 1 will provide us with a rare and crucial resource—funding for education and outreach programs that we can count on and plan around. We have many amazing and acclaimed educational programs, but there is more we can do and there are still too many young people that we are not currently reaching. With Prop 1 funding we can expand our in-school programs by taking more teaching artists into grade school, middle school and high school classrooms; we can provide dozens of free student matinee performances of our productions each season; we can expand participation and reach for our Rising Star Project; we can tour our Adventure Musical Theater productions to more schools throughout our region (including rural and underserved King County communities such as North Bend, Snoqualmie, Black Diamond and Enumclaw); and we can ensure that our statewide 5th Avenue High School Musical Theater Awards will thrive and grow for many years to come.

Prop 1 would also allow us to open our doors to every member of our community who wants to experience world-class musical theater—regardless of their economic circumstances—through free and reduced-price tickets, and to introduce new and diverse audiences to our thrilling art form and amazing historic venue.

As a result of all this increased activity we will also have the privilege of providing increased and consistent employment to our region’s irreplaceable theatrical ecosystem of actors, singers, dancers, musicians, directors, choreographers, designers, technicians and theatrical craftspeople of all kinds. These are your neighbors who live and work here and make King County one of the three great theater centers in America.

And this is just what the The 5th will be able to accomplish. Imagine the increased combined impact of all of our King County arts, science and heritage organizations, small and large, on our community!

A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Arkansas demonstrated conclusively that “students who are exposed to cultural institutions, like museums and performing arts centers, not only have higher levels of engagement with the arts but display greater tolerance, historical empathy, as well as better educational memory and critical thinking skills.” Whether we personally have children or not, Prop 1 will truly benefit us all.

With just one additional penny for every $10 you spend—$30 a year for the average household—all of this can happen. We can’t afford to not make this investment in our kids and our region. Prop 1 will have a profound and immediate impact that we will all benefit from for generations. Please Vote Yes on Prop 1 and help us create Access For All.

For more information, please visit the Proposition 1 Access for All website.

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