Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Jackson

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This is the first in an ongoing series, shining a spotlight on our many amazing volunteers. As a non-profit arts organization, we truly would not be able to do all that we do without our fabulous volunteers.

When did you start volunteering at The 5th?

I have been a season subscriber for over 25 years! I officially started volunteering when the Paramount and 5th Ave combined ushering efforts.

What makes coming to The 5th special? What’s your favorite memory here?

The 5th Ave is incredibly special in many ways. My favorite times include when The 5th reopened with Annie and my then-seven-year-old daughter was spell bound, her mouth open with pure joy and concentration during the entire performance! Since then, much more recently, watching her younger son watch Elf, after he adjusted to the magic of live theater (as different from the movie), he bounced in his seat in bliss! As an educator, I watched school-wide assemblies delight in the traveling shows [Adventure Musical Theatre (AMT)] which included the history of Seattle and a sensitive portrayal of Japanese internment [Baseball Saved Us]. I also have watched a great deal of talent emerge from Rising Star! For me, it is so many stories told in such a gorgeous atmosphere, watching many actors engage countless patrons. Lastly, as I volunteer upstairs, I am always appreciative of how truly excited and supportive the main office is for every opening night!!

Bless you Fifth Ave for what you teach, how you engage, and how you inspire!!

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