NextFest Artist Spotlight – Greg Schaffert, Line Producer

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  1. What is your job in NextFest? Explain for us.

I’m the line producer. Basically, I make sure the writers are happy and that they have what they need to do their work. I also work on dramaturgy and story structure with the writers, directors and 5th Ave team, and basically make sure everything keeps running on track.

  1. What are the aspects of your work that excite you?

Working with the writers. Asking questions that stir ideas and guide (gently) to help THEM tell the story they want to tell. Helping them discover their story.

  1. How does producing a festival like this differ from working on a fully-staged commercial production?

At a festival, you get to work on many different projects and with many different writers, of all ages, as opposed to putting all your efforts into one project. Every day, there are challenges that need to be handled when producing on the commercial level. Time is very precious (expensive) and you need to continue to keep everyone on task and working on the “same” show. To be successful, the entire team has to be focused on telling the same story. As a producer, you have to be everything for every team member. The conductor. Driving the bus.

  1. Why is a program like NextFest important for new works?

NextFest gives the writers of the future the opportunity to hone their craft and develop their shows and learn all the skills they need to tell a story. Developing new works takes years and Festivals are a way to move the shows down the pipeline. Invaluable. And exciting!

Interview conducted by CHARLIE JOHNSON, NextFest Media Manager

To find out more about NextFest, and other New Works programs at The 5th, click here.

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