Renovation Update: Kicking Down Walls and Taking Names!


Things are moving right along with our scheduled renovations. This summer we’re working on installing the all-new, state-of-the-art digital sound system; updating the mezzanine-level restrooms; and going retro (in a good way) with the lobby carpeting.

Digital Sound System

Part of the new sound system installation requires that we make a bit more room in the back of the house to accommodate. As a result, we had to pull up a number of rows of seats. Here’s a look at the house after that removal happened.

BOH Sound Room 2

Below you can see, looking from the back of the auditorium, into the lobby as that space is expanded to make room for the new sound system.

BOH Sound Room 1

There is also work happening in the lower right house space, where our sound room is located. Here you can see a shot looking out from the sound room into the front row of seats on the house right side of the audience.

SL Sound Room 1

And here’s one looking into the sound room from the audience. We are getting things done!

SL Sound Room 2

Women’s Mezzanine Restroom

We’re also remodeling the mezzanine-level restrooms. Here’s some photos of the changes that are happening there.

Mezz Womens Restroom 3

Here we are looking towards the entry door, with the standing mirror to our right and the stalls would have been behind us.

Mezz Womens Restroom 2

Lobby Carpeting

We’ve already posted a few pictures of the lobby without its old carpeting. We’re excited to be installing new carpet, which will replicate as much as possible the original carpet from when our beautiful theater opened in 1926. Here are a couple more looks at the lobby sans carpet before we get the new design laid out.

20160808_082502 Nekkid Lobby

Special thanks to Alda Shepherd, our Facility Manager, for these great pictures of the updates in progress.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates as we move through the renovations this summer, and into the future. Find out more about our plans and help us make these lovely updates to our theater here.

5 comments on “Renovation Update: Kicking Down Walls and Taking Names!”

    1. These vents are pretty common in older theatres. They open into an airspace below the seats called the plenum. Back in the day, they would just pump the conditioned air (cooled or warmed, as needed) into the area below the seats and it would come out through those vents. Not sure if they are still functioning as that at The 5th (newer HVAC), but may just be remnants of another era.

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