Renovations are Underway!


The updates to our beautiful, historic theater have started.Some destruction has to happen in order to accommodate our brand new digital sound system, and our fearless leaders were only too happy to help it get started!

David Bernie Bill 2

Our Executive team (Bill Berry, David Armstrong and Bernie Griffin) take a shot at the walls!

Nekkid Lobby

The lobby looks so bare without its carpet! Can’t wait to see the finished product in October, which will recreate the original lobby carpeting from when our fantastic theater opened 90 years ago!


Here’s a shot of the stairs up to the mezzanine without carpeting!

Keep an eye on the blog for updates as we move through the renovations this summer, and into the future. Find out more about our plans and help us make these lovely updates to our theater here.

2 comments on “Renovations are Underway!”

    1. Hi Timothy! Glad you’re looking forward to our new sound system. We can’t wait for all of our guests to experience it (and to hear it ourselves) in October! Hope to see you then.



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