Teen Writers Take Charge as 10-Minute Musical Project Takes Off

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For the past month, the inaugural class of The 5th Avenue’s 10-Minute Musical Project has been meeting at the theater to learn the ins and outs of creating original musicals.  Though the musicals that they have been tasked with writing will only be about as long as an NFL halftime, the process is still intense.  Luckily they’ve found help and mentorship along the way from local theater artists including Malika Oyetimein, Brendan Milburn, and Makaela Pollock.

Hangin’ with Mr. Milburn

Throughout these first weeks, the students have pitched original stories on a variety of topics: the rise and fall of a kazoo-playing Youtube sensation, a space opera which meditates on the theme of disconnect between generations, and a romantic comedy which intersects with the Seattle homelessness crises, to name just a few.

Ideas exploded onto every wall in Studio B

In the coming weeks, the project will bring on student directors, music directors, stage managers, musicians, and actors, also mentored by 5th Avenue professionals.  The original musicals that are developed, rehearsed, and directed by these high school students will be presented (again, by student actors) as part The 5th Avenue’s NextFest: A Festival of New Musicals in October 2016.

The students worked through writer’s block by taking selfies



Stay tuned for more updates from the 10-Minute Musicals Project and click here for more information.

By ORLANDO MORALES, Director of Rising Star Project and Internships

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