PSBJ Exclusive: 5th Avenue Theatre to undergo $14M makeover

This article was originally published in the Puget Sound Business Journal on July 26, 2016.  We didn’t want our readers without PSBJ memberships to miss out, so you can read the full feature below!

The 5th Avenue Theatre plans to spend $14 million on a remodel aimed to keep subscribers coming back.

The renovation will happen in three phases over three years, with the first beginning next week after “A Gentelman’s Guide to Love and Murder” closes.

It won’t strip away the theater’s ornate wood carvings of dragons and lotus flowers, instead it will build on the Chinese motif and give subscribers something they’ve said they desperately want — more bathrooms, a less crowded lobby and better heating and sound systems.

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By the Numbers: Wrap Up of the 2015/16 Season for the Education Department

Thank you to the generous corporations, foundations, government agencies, board members, and countless individual donors who supported our education programs this season. With your help we reached over 83,000 students across the Pacific Northwest region, increased our service by 14% and kept our thriving programs accessible to all students.

Here’s a closer look….
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Darko Tresnjak: Director of Gentleman’s Guide

Sit down with Darko Tresnjak, director of Gentleman’s Guide, playing July 12-31 at The 5th Avenue Theatre. 

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I think it’s quite safe to say that a great deal of the success of the show is in the staging and just the absolute fun of it.  Why don’t we start with what your response was to Steven Lutvak and Robert Freedman’s material; how you got involved with Gentleman’s Guide, in the first place.

DT: Well, in the beginning, several friends and agents told me about it; people seemed to think I was the right person for the show. And then Robert came to see my production of The Women at the Old Globe. He loved that and I think he thought that I would be a good match, because that’s another wicked comedy. That seems to be my specialty, you know?  I like naughty things!  I like things that are both appealing and a little bit subversive.  So, we all met up and when I dug into this musical, about a charming young man who lies and kills eight of his relatives and prospers in the banking industry and his punishment is that he ends up in a three-way with two gorgeous women, I said: “Okay!  Sign me on!”  Continue reading “Darko Tresnjak: Director of Gentleman’s Guide”

An Interview with the Writers of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder

Go behind the curtain with Steven Lutvak and Robert Freedman, creators of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder, playing July 12-31, 2016 at The 5th Avenue Theatre.

I wanted to talk to you about the whole process of putting Gentleman’s Guide up on Broadway and winning the Tony Award.  As they say in Sound of Music, let’s start at the very beginning.  How did you two get involved with this piece?  And how long ago was it?  It was a while.

RF: Well, we met in the graduate musical theater writing program at NYU [in 1981].  We became friendly and we had threatened to work together for a long time.  We were looking for something and we worked on another show for a while and then, Steve had seen this movie, Kind Hearts and Coronets, on TV… Continue reading “An Interview with the Writers of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder”