What Is A ‘Revisal’?

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Lerner & Loewe’s Paint Your Wagon is being revived-brought back to life-on our stage, but it is also going through an extensive revision. When we combine a revival and revision, we get a revisal!

This is not the first musical from the past to receive this kind of renovation. The current Broadway smash Shuffle Along is a revisal of a legendary 1921 Broadway hit. The new version dynamically incorporates the original show’s classic songs into a brand new book that was just nominated for a Tony Award.

Seattle audiences will be the first in the world to experience this fresh and exciting new Paint Your Wagon under the direction of 5th Avenue Theatre executive Producer and Artistic Director David Armstrong, and with choreography by Broadway’s Josh Rhodes, and music direction by our own Ian Eisendrath.

The 5th is famous for inventing new musicals- this time we are reinventing a classic! Our new version of Paint Your Wagon tells the inspiring story of the rise and fall of a mining town during the height of the California Gold Rush and the intrepid men and women from around the world who journey there in search of the American Dream.

The original version of Paint Your Wagon debuted on Broadway in 1951 and was followed by a national tour starring Burl Ives, and a hit London production in 1953. In each of these incarnations, the show was acclaimed for its brilliant music and lyrics, but criticized for its less than memorable storyline. Over a decade later, Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin would star in a popular film version that employed a new-but still lackluster-script.

In 2011, The 5th Avenue Theatre obtained permission from the Lerner and Loewe estates to create our own version of the show with a new storyline. We commissioned acclaimed playwright and Pulitzer Prize finalist Jon Marans to devise a vibrant new script that will still showcase all of the classic songs that generations of theater and movie fans have come to love.

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