Meet the Assassins: Samuel Byck

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About the Actor: Matt Wolfe

Wolfe makes his ACT debut with this co-production of Assassins with The 5th Avenue Theatre and ACT- A Contemporary Theatre. He’s no stranger to The 5th Avenue stage, with credits in Pirates of Penzance, Saving Aimee, Aladdin, A Christmas Story The Musical, Catch Me If You Can and The Sound of Music. He’s done extensive work in Seattle at the Village Theatre (The Producers, Iron Curtain, Million Dollar Quartet, Tommy, The Music Man, and others), and Seattle Children’s Theatre (Goodnight Moon, The Wizard of Oz, Busytown and others). Wolfe is also known for his voice over work and performances in commercials, TV and film.

Wolfe made his Broadway debut with Scandalous, A Musical directed by 5th Avenue Theatre Artistic Director David Armstrong and toured nationally with Hello, Dolly!

Wolfe is the Artistic Director of Showtunes Theatre Company, which produces Broadway musicals in concert at Benaroya Hall. He was recently nominated for “Best Voiceover” for children’s audiobooks by the SOVAS Voice Arts Awards. More information can be found at

About the Assassin: Samuel Byck

Following an honorable discharge from the US Army in 1956, Samuel Byck struggled to keep a job and started several businesses that failed. His wife left him in 1972, taking their four children with her. Suffering from depression, he sought psychiatric help, expressing his belief that the government was corrupt, a slave to special interests and a conspirator in the oppression of the poor. Byck over time was arrested twice for protesting outside the White House without a permit, and later dressed in a Santa Claus suit for another protest.

He began plotting to kill President Nixon in order to “take back the government” for the people. He planned to hijack a plane and fly it into the White House and kept detailed audio recordings of his steps to do so, imagining that he would be honored as a hero. Byck’s plan was thwarted, though not before two innocent lives were lost: an airport security guard and the co-pilot to a Delta Airlines flight he had managed to board (though severely wounded, the pilot survived). The plane never left the tarmac.  Byck committed suicide in the cockpit before he could be captured and Nixon’s schedule was not affected by the assassination attempt. Before his death, Byck sent a tape detailing his plan—“Operation Pandora’s Box”— to a news columnist.

Come see Assassins, performed at ACT—A Contemporary Theatre. Visit our website, and search March 17-April 7 for best availability.

Check back next week for our next casting announcement!


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