Top 5 Reasons to Support The 5th Today!

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Your Gift Makes a Difference.

Our amazing family of 5th Avenue donors makes our work on the stage and beyond possible. Here are 5 great reasons to make a year-end, tax-deductible gift to The 5th:

5. Pay It Forward
You can help us share the joy of theater with children and families all season long with free tickets to one of our productions.

4.  New Works
With your help, The 5th has created 17 brand new musicals, and many have or will travel to Broadway, adding vibrant new works to the canon of musical theater.

3. Education Programs
Your support allows us to reach more than 74,000 children throughout the Pacific Northwest every year through Adventure Musical Theater Touring Company, Rising Star Project and The 5th Avenue Awards: Honoring High School Musical Theater.

2. Beautiful Productions
Subscriptions only pay for 45% of what you see on the stage. Your gift helps us to hire talented artists, actors and musicians who bring you performances of the highest artistic quality time and time again.

1. Make an Impact
Every gift—no matter the size—makes an impact at The 5th and allows us to share what we do with the community. There’s no better way to support and share the power of live musical theater than with a donation today!

Thank you for supporting local musical theater!

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