10 Musical Theater DIY Projects Worthy of A Standing Ovation


Whether you’re an artist to be envied or an occasional crafter, these projects range from 30 minute setups to multi-day endeavors! Perfect as a gift (for yourself or someone else!), have fun getting your craft on!

  1. DIY Sheet Music Side Table

    Cover a table in sheet music from a favorite show or pick any showstopping scrapbook paper that works with your décor!


    Sheet Music Side Table
    Photo Credit: Miss Mustard Seed

    Skill Level: Basic
    Materials: Cool table, scrapbook paper and mod podge (paint, prime and sand paper optional)
    Time: Approx 1 hour to prep, 24 hours to dry
    Learn more about this versatile DIY here.

  2.  DIY Soundproof Panels

    Whether you have an in-home recording studio (which we’re very jealous of, by the way) or a roommate or student practicing music at home, these acoustic soundproof panels will dampen sound beautifully.


    Soundproof Panels
    Photo Credit: Tim’s Audio Corner

    Skill Level: Basic or Advanced
    Materials: Basic: Artistic Canvases, egg crate foam cut to fit, paint optional Advanced: High quality wood, wood screws, mattress foam, staple gun, fabric
    Time: Approx 1-3 hours
    For a basic version, learn more here. For a more custom and deeper soundproofing version, learn more here.


  3.  DIY Opening Night Survival Kit

    Great for any actors, stagehands or volunteers involved in theater (whether community, school or professional production), this survival kit will see your loved ones through tech week and all the way to closing night!


    Photo Credit: The Thinking Closet

    Skill Level: Basic
    Materials: Container for the “survival kit”, water bottles, teas, healthy snacks, travel sized toiletries, pens, etc. Optional: notes to cast members, and any other practical items you can think of!
    Time: 1 hour
    Learn more about this thoughtful and practical DIY here

  4. DIY Clothesline Playbill Display

    The possibilities are endless! Framing your favorite playbills isn’t always practical (too many programs? What a problem!) and this quirky and customizable display would be a great talking piece for any dorm room, apartment, home or workplace.

    Photo Credit: Nifty Thrifty GoodWill

    Skill Level: Easy to Moderate.
    Materials: Strong string/twine/ ribbon, clothespins, tacks/ pushpins and programs
    Time: 1-2 hours
    Learn more here.

  5. DIY Spotlight Floor Lamp


    For the diva in your life who needs to be in the spotlight.

    spotlight lamp
    Photo Credit:  Atiyolil

    Skill Level: Advanced
    Materials: Metal tripod, empty paint can, lamp light kit, drill and appropriate sized bit, nuts and bolts Optional: heat-resistant paint, distressing ink, gold leafing pens
    Time: 2-4 hours, 24 hours to dry
    Learn about this bright idea here.


  6. DIY Ticket Stub Memory Box

    Watch your collection grow with each new show!

    Admit 1

    Photo Credit: The Thinking Closet

    Skill Level: Moderate/Advanced
    Materials: Shadowbox, scrapbook paper, double sided tape, saw to cut slot, sandpaper, paint, printer, old tickets
    Time: 1-2 hours, 24 hours to dry
    Learn about this memento here


  7. DIY Doorway Theater

    For the kids in your life! Who wouldn’t love this rainy-day pop-up theatre as a room divider or impromptu stage? We can already picture the epic puppet musicals and talent shows. PS parents: the tension rod makes for easy set up and clean up. Win win!

    Doorway Theater

    Photo Credit: Sew Many Ways

    Skill Level: Basic/Moderate
    Materials: tension rod, fabric, sewing machine. Optional: buttons, trim, contrasting fabric
    Time: 1 hour
    Learn more about this adorable project here


  8. DIY Marquee Letters

    See your name in lights!

    Photo Credit: Grey Likes Nesting

    Skill Level: Basic
    Materials: large cardboard letter, x-acto knife, string lights, pencil. Optional: paint
    Time: 1 hour
    Learn how to make your own marquee here

  9. DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

    How sweet would a collection of these DIY- instruments be? Great ideas for pre-k through elementary age, a basket full of materials for a few fun instruments with printed directions would make a crafty gift set for a kid you know.  Better yet, build a few instruments with them and start a band! Rock on.

    Photo Credit: How Wee Learn

    Skill level: Basic
    Materials: Assorted, recycled materials encouraged!
    Time: 15 minutes to 2 hour projects
    Get your groove on here

  10. DIY Show Coasters

    Entertain with your favorite musicals on display everyday!

    Photo Credit: Carry On

    Skill Level: Easy
    Materials: tiles, show printouts, spray adhesive, varnish or enamel, paintbrush
    Optional: felt or cork circles for the bottom
    Time: 2-3 hours, dry overnight

    Learn about this show stopping DIY here

Go forth, artists! Get those creative juices flowing!

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